Atlas Healthcare, PA - Affordable Concierge Medicine
Atlas Healthcare provides comprehensive care for adults and acute care for people of all ages.  Dr. Wingo takes a holistic approach to health by addressing the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of his patients through a collaborative relationship.  A holistic approach emphasizes wellness and disease prevention, not just disease treatment after the fact. In other words, health-care, not disease-care.
A holistic approach cannot be accomplished in a rushed environment in which we cannot get to know our patients.  To allow for quality time with our patients, we schedule approximately 8-10 appointments per day plus a few open appointments for people who have urgent care concerns.
Atlas Healthcare is an affordable concierge, micro-practice which means we do not contract with insurance companies. This allows us to keep our overhead low and operate more efficiently so we can see fewer patients per day, spend more time with each patient, and keep our prices down.  If you have private insurance, a claim can be submitted for reimbursement. For a more detailed explanation of my practice philosophy, please review my article published in the September 19, 2014 edition of Forbes Magazine :
If you would like more quality, convenience and affordability in your healthcare, give us a call.  At Atlas Healthcare, we are charting a new direction in healthcare.
Dr. Tim Wingo is accepting new patients.  Call 843.352.9353 to make an appointment and change the way you feel about your healthcare.
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